Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Have 2 Android emulators running with different IMEI

I recently had to test with two laptops with the Android emulator and tried to register with the same Mobile Api Gateway. 
The first “device” successfully registered, but he second received a device already registered.

The reason for that is the usage of the IMEI number together with some other fixed gateway number
as device-identifier.
The IMEI number for the emulator is 000000000000000 which is the same for all emulators and is
not changeable in the emulator or any other configuration file.

A way to circumvent this, is to change the IMEI number inside the emulator-x86.exe with a hexeditor like notepad++

Search for “+CGSN”, the following   000000000000000 is the IMEI number. Change to the desired number and the save the file. 

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